Neill Morgan is available to lead workshops for small or large groups.

Bible Study Leaders

“Cheaper Than A Seminary Education” will equip small group Bible study leaders and teachers to read the Bible with integrity and in context, using the tools of family systems theory. Half-day, one-day, or three-day retreat versions available. These workshops include the 45-page supplemental reading, “Cheaper Than A Seminary Education” plenary presentations, guided small group exercises, and plenty of question and answer time. The half-day is an introduction to the family systems approach to Scripture and the longer versions lead participants into more in-depth Bible study practice.

Fees: ½ day $300 plus travel; $500/day plus travel for in-depth workshops.

These workshops will fit the needs of ministers and lay leaders of mainline non-fundamentalist congregations, such as Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) ELCA, United Methodists, MCC, UCC, and moderate to liberal Baptists (I know you’re out there.)

Board Members and Organizational Leaders

“Family Systems and Your Organization” will be designed in consultation with one to three leaders of your organization to address your particular needs, bringing the insights of family systems theory to bear on mission clarity, renewal, or conflict management.

Fee: $600/day plus travel. The fee includes email and telephone consultation to customize the workshop for your leadership board.

This workshop can be customized for both for-profit and non-profit businesses, churches, and political advocacy groups.

Coming Soon: Video series, “Cheaper Than A Seminary Education,” Six videos with a workbook, suitable for Sunday School and Small Groups. This covers much of the same material in the live introductory workshop, $149.

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